Conservatory / Winter Garden


Conservatories are fantastic for bringing the delight of the outdoors right into your home. Especially in the summer months, they can be a wonderful place to unwind and relax. However, during the winter months they can quickly become unpleasant and cold.

Installing an underfloor heating system in your conservatory can solve this problem. Here at Uheat, we can provide you with a solution to suit your exact requirements that will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Underfloor Heating for the Conservatory / Winter Garden

The easiest and most cost effective way to add underfloor heating to a conservatory, is to install an electric underfloor heating system.

MD Heating mat

MD Heating Mat - Electric

MD heating mats are fast and simple to install, saving time and money. As they are very thin, the floor height will be raised by the minimum amount.

From only £54.99 inc VAT

“VCD17 is our in-screed heating cable system
which has the flexibility to work with most floor coverings and offers the opportunity to use off peak electricity tariffs
solid floor tiles or stone flooring have the lowest thermal resistance of all flooring types so use these to ensure maximum heat output. Especially important when heating higher heat loss areas.
VCD 17

VCD 17 - Electric

The Elektra VCD Cable is installed in rooms which are under construction and the floor is not finished. It generally serves as primary heating and is the only source of heat in the room. When it serves as a supplementary heating source ("The Warm Floor Effect"), a primary heating system is required. The Cable is installed on top of a insulation using either a staple or a fixing strap to secure the cable until the screed is laid.

From only £94.99 inc VAT

If your conservatory is a new build with a new floor screed then you can use one of our UltraFix water underfloor heating systems.

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