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Bathroom / Wetroom / En-Suite

If you’re renovating your bathroom, wet room or en-suite, you may be wondering whether installing underfloor heating is worth the investment. While at one time bathrooms were purely functional, these days they have taken on a home-spa ambience. More people than ever before are heading to their bathroom to unwind and relax at the end of the long day, and one way to improve your space and make it even more comfortable and welcoming is to install underfloor heating.

Floor heating doesn’t just take that unpleasant chill off your floor tiles when you step onto them in the morning but it also adds a touch of pampering luxury that’s hard to beat. Of course, there’s also another added advantage to bear in mind too – floor heating systems can even increase the value of your property.

Typically underfloor heating is installed in a bathroom, wetroom or water closet when they are being refurbished. With this in mind, the easiest method is to install a very thin electric underfloor heating system.

Which Heating System Is the Best Choice?

Underfloor heating can be installed in all types of wet room, bathroom or en-suite in both renovated properties and in new-builds. If yours is a new-build property, you can benefit from a water heating system while if you’re renovating your existing home, electric underfloor systems are the best option for you.

How Do Electric Systems Work?

Whatever the size or shape of your bathroom, we have a range of electric underfloor heating systems that will suit your requirements.

MD Heating mat

MD Heating Mat - Electric

MD heating mats are fast and simple to install, saving time and money. As they are very thin, the floor height will be raised by the minimum amount.

From only £70.49 inc VAT


UltraTec - Electric

UltraTec is probably the thinnest and strongest under tile heating cable available in the UK, reducing the amount of tile adhesive or self-levelling compound you need to cover the cable.

From only £43.49 inc VAT

UltraTec is probably the thinnest & Strongest under tile heating cable available in the UK, reducing the amount of tile adhesive or self-levelling compound you need to cover the cable”
Although it is permissible to install the thermostat inside the bathroom under certain conditions, we always recommend that the thermostat is installed outside the bathroom with the floor sensor in the bathroom. This will prevent steam / moisture causing any problems with the thermostat and ensure that it works efficiently.

Heatbase - Electric

HeatBase is a waterproofing membrane suitable for use with Electric Underfloor Heating. Made from Polypropylene, this uncoupling crack isolation waterproofing membrane has rounded square shaped reliefs which will allow the Elektra DM10 heating cable to easily fit into the pre-grooved channels. HeatBase is also very flexible, easy to use and can be cut into shape to fit any requirements of any shaped room.

From only £50.99 inc VAT

A water based system can be installed in a small area and connected to the local radiator circuit, if it does not exceed 15m2.

What Are The Benefits Of Underfloor Bathroom Heating?

Installing heating under the floor of your bathroom is a much speedier alternative to installing a conventional heating system like a radiator since the wire can be directly laid below your floor finish. There’s no need to wait for a plumber to complete their work before you install the heating system and it can be effortlessly installed before the floor finish is laid.

It’s also usually cheaper to install an electric underfloor heating system in your bathroom than a traditional central-heating system. It will also be more efficient since it will run at a lower temperature while still ensuring the same amount of warmth in the room. When paired with a smart thermostat it’s possible to make a saving on your home energy bills.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to find out more about how our underfloor heating systems could improve your bathroom and make your home a more comfortable and pleasant place to live.