To calculate how much pipe is required, you will need to divide the area of your room(s) by the pipe spacing you require.

What should be the maximum circuit length?
To avoid excessive temperature and pressure drops, Uheat recommends a maximum circuit length of 100m (for the 15, 16 and 20mm pipe).

200mm Pipe Spacing
If 200mm (standard pipe spacing) is specified, you will need 5m of pipe for each m². This would mean each 100m circuit will cover up to 20m².

150mm Pipe Spacing
If the pipe spacing is reduced to 150mm (for high heat loss area such as a conservatory), you will need 6.67m of pipe for each m². With this option, a 100mm coil will cover up to 15m².

*Please bear in mind you need to allow a few extra meters of pipe for feed and return from/to the manifold.