Choosing The Correct Underfloor Heating Mat or Cable

The range of floor heating mats and cables available from us is vast - and ensures that just about every possible requirement can be provided for.

Two critical considerations are the finished floor surface you wish to heat, and the nett area to be heated.

Certain heating mats and cables are specifically designed to work with certain finished floor surfaces.

MD mat cross section


Tile floor with a wood base


Tile floor with concrete base


Large heat loss area (such as conservatories)


- Insulation is optional underneath MD heating mats - however, it is highly recommended as it will reduce the warmup time and reduce running costs.

- If the floor finish is tile, then you can either use flexible tile adhesive directly on the heating mat or self-level over the heating mat, then fix the tiles with flexible tile adhesive.

- If you are going to use MD heating mats underwood, vinyl or carpet, then you will need to use a levelling compound over the mat before installing the floor finish.

Woodtec Cross Section
Laminate or Wood Floors.

- It is essential that 5mm XPS insulating underlay is used under the WoodTec heating mats.

- Your laminate or engineered wood flooring can be laid directly on to the WoodTec system without the need for any other underlay.

FloorTec Cross Section
Vinyl or Carpet Floors.

- It is essential that 5mm XPS insulating underlay is used under the FloorTec heating mats.

-The thermal resistance of your floor covering (carpet + underlay) should not exceed 2.5 TOG.

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