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Which system is best for me?

Choosing the correct Underfloor Heating Mat or Cable.

The range of floor heating mats and cables available from us is vast - and ensures that just about every possible requirement can be provided for.

Two critical considerations are: the finished floor surface you wish to heat, and the nett area to be heated.

Certain heating mats and cables are specifically designed to work with certain finished floor surfaces, as an example:

MD100 Underfloor Heating Mats are ideal for a tiled floor with a wood base floors

MD160 Heating Mats are Suited for a tiled floor with a concrete base floor

MD200 Under Floor Heating Mats are for large heat loss areas like conservatories

WoodTec for laminate or wood floors

FloorTec for carpet 

Please see the heating mat or heating cable section to ensure you choose the right mat or cable for your specific application.

However whatever finished floor surface you plan to use, our whole range of underfloor heating mats and cables are available in a huge range of sizes, and combinations of more than one heating mat or cable can be used to cover larger areas.

Please see the section on how to use more than one mat or cable for more information.