Frost Protection

Elektra SnowTec heating mats are ready to install heating elements constructed from Elektra VCD heating cable secured with unique tape in the mat shape. This system is designed for use to protect driveways, walkways, ramps and more from snow and ice.


Elektra SnowTec Tuff are ready to install heating elements composed of an Elektra TuffTec heating cable secured with unique tape to a 600mm wide mat. Designed to protect against snow and ice on asphalt / tarmac drivewats, walkways ramps and more.

Frost protection cable

Heating Cable is perfect for use with pipes, gutters, downpipes, valves and other objects to protect against frost and freezing.


To control your snow and ice protection mats and cables, you need a controller. Uheat stocks a range designed specifically for the job.

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