What Are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating has become a very popular choice amongst home improvers and renovators, and when you understand the benefits it's very easy to see why.

The Key Differences Between Underfloor Heating & Radiators

Central Heating with radiators was introduced in the 1930s and has since been used as the standard heating system for UK homes while remaining more or less unchanged for the past 8 decades. More recently, Underfloor Heating is now being used in UK houses as the heating system of choice, offering unrivalled comfort and luxury. Below, you will find a comparison of these two systems, and an explanation of why we feel that Underfloor Heating is the best solution for heating a home.


Heat Distribution

Your choice of a heating system determines the way heat is distributed in your home. Underfloor Heating produces radiant heat which makes you feel warm and comfortable. The term radiant heating is used as radiation is responsible for a significant proportion of the ‘thermal comfort’ achieved by this form of heating.

Traditional Convection Heating Systems cause large amounts of constantly rising and falling air, creating drafts and dust circulation. This heating system is also more uncomfortable compared to Underfloor Heating as the heat is usually coming from the wall, resulting in your feet remaining cold and your upper body hot.

Underfloor Heating runs at lower temperatures than radiators due to the increased surface area, and it is also more comfortable as the heat is coming from the floor. This keeps your feet warm and your upper body at a comfortable temperature.

Why underfloor heating is better

Efficiency & Comfort of a System

The way the heat is distributed impacts the efficiency and comfort of the heating system. Radiant heat heats objects directly and it maintains the natural humidity in a room, whereas convection of warm air tends to reduce humidity, which can make the heated area feel stuffy.

If the whole floor of the room is heated then radiant heat gives a very even spread of heat, whereas conventional heating heats one area initially and then takes time to circulate to reach the required comfort levels.

Rising air temperature through conventional heating can cause discomfort and overheating, which in turn can reduce oxygen levels and cause breathing problems if the air is too warm.

Radiant floor heating distributes even heat where it is needed which means there are no cold spots, it reduces the risk of overheating the body and it is as close as you can possibly get to the ideal heating system for your home.

Underfloor Heating also gives the same heat output as a radiator system at a lower temperature, while using 15% to 20% less energy. This makes Underfloor Heating more efficient and ultimately ends up being cheaper to run.

Underfloor Heating is also safer for children and pets due to the fact that there are no exposed heating elements or radiators. Radiators in particular can get very hot, and it is very easy to scald yourself if you're not careful.

Because the floor surface stays at a comfortable temperature with Underfloor Heating, it makes it ideal for babies trying to find their feet, and it also makes it perfect for pets with aches, pains or joint problems.

If you need any advice or have any questions, feel free to get in touch and we will be glad to help.

Underfloor heating and pets

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