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ValueHeat is our economy range of underfloor heating, suitable for projects with a tight budget.

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£24.00 inc. VAT
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  • 20-year warranty
  • Economy solution
  • Choice of mats or cables
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Elektra electric underfloor heating systems are manufactured in Europe using premium materials. Their heating mats & cables are supplied with a lifetime guarantee.

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£27.99 inc. VAT
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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Europe
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Self adhesive mat system
  • Options for most floor finishes
  • Trades Choice
  • Wide choice of thermostats
  • Sold worldwide for over 30 years
  • Ultra thin cable available
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Warmup is probably the most well-known brand of electric underfloor heating in the UK with a wide range of products suitable for any project.

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  • Well known brand
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Thermostat options
  • Suitable for most floors coverings
  • Ultra thin cable
  • Minimum floor height
  • Self adhesive mat system
  • Fast and easy to install

Electric Underfloor Heating Solutions

Electric underfloor heating systems consist of a series of electric wires that are installed within or under your flooring to heat an area or room, such as a bathroom floor.

The electric underfloor heating system you install will depend on a few factors: the size of the room and how well insulated it is, what the flooring below is like and whether it is insulated, and what type of flooring you'll have on top.

Uheat provides a vast range of solutions such as loose-fit wiring which is flexible enough to fit into any awkward or small places, electric cable systems or heating mats you roll out to cover larger areas.

There are 5 main types of systems:

MD Mats

Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor heating mats are the most popular electric floor heating system. The mats are simply rolled out and cut and turned to suit the shape of the floor, with the added feature that the cable can be removed from the mat for those really awkward obstacles.

This system is ideal for kitchens, living rooms and conservatories. Power outputs are typically 100w, 160w and 200w.

from only £50.39 inc. VAT

Underwood / laminate / Carpet / Vinyl Heating Mats

Our comprehensive range of aluminium heating mats are designed to be installed under engineered woods, laminate floors, carpets and vinyl floors.

The 500mm wide foil heating mats are fully earth screened fully comply with the current electric & building regulations.

from only £116.99 inc. VAT

Decoupling Heat System

Decoupling floor heating systems solves 2 complications in one solution. Combining a decoupling mat (sometimes called anti-crack / uncoupling mat) with a heating cable.

The result is a faster to install solution which normally saves time and money.

from only £43.40 inc. VAT

Underfloor Loose Wire Systems

Loose wire systems are the perfect solution for more awkward floors with obstacles, such as bathrooms.

The cable is supplied on a drum and when is installed is spaced evenly over the floor, this offers the flexibility to negotiate obstacles and space the cable evenly, no matter shape of the room.

from only £27.99 inc. VAT

In-screed Floor Heating Systems

These cables are typically used for new builds, extensions and conservatory projects, as they are only suitable if you are installing a new floor screed.

In screed cables installed directly on your rigid insulation (e.g. Celotex or Kingspan) and covered with a floor screed compliant with building regulations (50-65mm)

from only £94.99 inc. VAT

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