Electric Underfloor Heating Advice


Electric Underfloor Heating Advice

Which system is best for me?

What electric underfloor heating system is best for your requirements? Depending on the room, heat loss and other variables can determine what heating solution you choose. Read through our guide to to help you find what would best suit your requirements.

How do I Select the Correct Size

Find out how to measure up your room so that you know how much m2 of underfloor heating mat you require for your project.

Can I use anWhat Thermostat Choices do I have?

Want to know what options you have for controlling your electric underfloor heating systems? We have a range of basic to advanced controllers available to choose from.

How do I Install Electric Underfloor Heating?

Find our install guides for electric underfloor heating here

What Thermostat Options are Available for Water Underfloor Heating?

When installing electric underfloor heating, there are some test certicificates that need to be completed to meet manufacturer requirements.

Suitable Floor Constructions for Water Underfloor Heating

The tools you will need for installation will depend on the system you are installing. However typically as a general guide you will need:

What Floor Finishes are Suitable?

Worried that your floor finish won't be compatible with electric underfloor heating?

Does it Have to be a New Floor?

A common question we get at Uheat is "Does it have to be a new floor to install electric underfoor heating?", read our short guide to find out".

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