Electrical Installation Certificate

The heating mats or cables should be tested several times:-

1) Before installation

2) After initial laying of the mat or cable

3) After the heating cable or mat is covered with floor finish or levelling compound

4) When the electrician connected to the thermostat(s).

The 2No. tests that should be carried out to comply with the manufacturers requirements are:-

  • Use a multimeter to record a resistance reading between the heating elements.  (Live to neutral)
  • An insulation resistance check using a 1000V tester between the heating elements and the earth (live/neutral to earth)

The resistance reading you should get is stated on the label of the heating mat or cable.

The minimum insulation resistance you should get is stated in the installation manual provided with the underfloor heating mat or cable.

The final electrical connections for your underfloor heating system must be carried out by a qualified electrician and they will issue you with a cerificate which complies with the latest building regulations.

Once you have completed the installation and have all the necessary test readings, please send your completed warranty form to us.