What options do I have?

Probably more than any other underfloor heating company - because we've been in the industry for over 10 years, we know the market, and alongside our manufacturing partners, we've developed the most comprehensive range of high quality underfloor heating available.

Underfloor heating mats

ELEKTRA warmfloor heating mats exclusive to uheat are manufactured using a thin heating cable securely fixed to a 500mm wide glass fibre mesh to aid and speed installation, and are available in a wide range of lengths, which make them suitable for all room sizes, and for floor refurbishment or new build floors.  Uheat offers the widest range of underfloor heating mats available in a range of power rating that ensure they are suitable for use with very nearly all floor finishes (please click here for mat recommendation by floor type).  Subject to correct mat selection for the solution required - the uheat underfloor heating mat can provide warmth to your floor surface or in appropriate circumstances and subject to correct installation, primary heat to a room.

Underfloor heating mats for laminate floors and engineered wood

ELEKTRA WoodTec® Under wood heating mats exclusive to uheat are designed to provide heating to floors made of laminated or engineered wood. The ELEKTRA WoodTec® under floor heating mats are rated at 140W/m2 and subject to correct installation can be used as a primary or a supplementary heating system.

The ELEKTRA WoodTec® heating mats are produced as pre-assembled installation
sets with sizes from 3m2 to 10m2 and are incredibly thin at 2.8mm. All ELEKTRA WoodTec®
heating mats are fully earth utilising an aluminium shield covering. The 100% earthed
ELEKTRA WoodTec® heating mats can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms
& kitchens, in full compliance with electrical & building regulations. ELEKTRA WoodTec® heating mats need to be installed in conjunction with Izotherm Insulation Boards
and Vapour Barriers all of which of course are available from Uheat.

Underfloor heating mats for Carpet and vinyl floor covering

ELEKTRA FloorTec underfloor heating systems exclusive to uheat are designed to provide heating for carpet and vinyl floors. Combined with Elektra WoodTec, FloorTec can provide supplementary and/or primary heat to most rooms with vinyl or carpet flooring. Suitable for use with vinyl floors (including Amtico and Karndean) and carpets with a low tog rating (The complete Elektra underfloor heating system comprises an insulating underlay, vapour barrier and a 2-layer floating floor so you can have your desired floor finish without the need for any self levelling compounds.

Using the combination of Elektra FloorTec and WoodTec, your electric underfloor heating system will be fully earthed so it is suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens etc. Being extremely thin, your floor will only be raised by approximately 14mm and therefore suitable for most projects. Elektra FloorTec heating mats need to be installed in conjunction with Izotherm Insulation Boards and Vapour Barriers all of which of course are available from Uheat.

Undertile Heating Cable

ELEKTRA UltraTec  Heating Cables exclusive to uheat are an ultra-thin 2mm x 3mm, high temperature resistant cable, terminated with a cold tail. This system is designed for indoor use and direct heating. It should be installed directly under the surface to be heated, in either flexible tile adhesive or self-levelling compound.  The ease with which the UltraTec cables can be placed makes them an often preferred option to the traditional warmfloor heating mats, especially in areas that may be irregular in size and shape.

UltraTec is:

  • Ultra Thin - At 1.8mm x 2.7mm UltraTec cables require less adhesive to cover the cable saving you up to £25/m².
  • Ultra Strong - UltraTec doesn't require tape to be installed over the entire length of the cable.
  • Ultra Flexible - UltraTec has multiple heating cables used within each core providing more flexibility.
  • Ultra Safe - UltraTec is 100% Earthed
  • Ultra Efficient - UltraTec heating cables are 10W/m allowing the heating to be distributed evenly across the entire area.

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