When compared to 8 of our competitors under floor heating mats, the following was found:-

  % of competitors with the same specification elektralogo200-.jpg
Multi-strand heating wires used
This is important as it means the heating cable is more flexible and durable
37.5% tick.jpg
2 layers of insulation used
The additional layer increases strength, durability & reliability
12.5% tick.jpg
Braid screen used
Braided screens provide better mechanical strength and improved electrical safety
37.5% tick.jpg
Heating cable sown to mats
Sowing is a stronger fixing method and ensures precise spacing
25% tick.jpg
Heating cable installed leaving 20mm gap to edge of mat
This prevents the risk of hot spots & overheating
50% tick.jpg

When compared with 8No. competitors products, you can see that Elektra ticks the box every time. For over 25 years Elektra have been manufacturing heating cables & mats which are proven to be one the best available.


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