Underfloor Heating Solutions

Underfloor Heating Solutions

The use of a correctly designed, selected and installed underfloor heating system will provide you with probably the most unobtrusive, energy-efficient, and comfortable type of heating to be had.

The principles of enjoying radiant heat and low temperature to warm a floor surface and subsequently the area in which it is installed can be traced back to Roman times! Whilst, of course, the technology has changed markedly since then - the actual notion remains the same - produce a comfortable and efficient heat over a given area using a low temperature to do so.

A floor surface heated using underfloor heating needs a much lower temperature to achieve the desired room temperature. The heat from the smoothly heated floor surface takes advantage of natural radiation which creates a more uniform warmth across an area than can be achieved by other methods of heating.

A traditional radiator heating system relies heavily upon convection (the transfer of heat using the room's air) and generally, this results in heat which is uneven and inefficient therefore more heat is needed to achieve the desired temperature.


What are the benefits

Also, radiators and other wall-mounted heating equipment are not aesthetically pleasing, impact upon decor, diminish upon usable wall space and are generally obtrusive.

In addition to the effectiveness and inherent economic advantage of underfloor heating, its installation promotes a healthier environment too, as warmth that is emitted from the floor up means a reduction in the circulation of dust that is prevalent in the warm airflow of the traditional convected heat flows from radiators or similar wall-mounted heating.

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