Complete House


New build or refurbishment, we have a solution for every floor structure.

Ground Floors

Ground floors are typically constructed with a floor screed so our in screed systems are perfect.


AD-Clip/Rail - Water

AD-Clip/Rail is the premier heating kit availble from Uheat, and includes an A rated pump and WRAS approved 16mm PERT-AL-PERT pipe.

From only £253.49 inc VAT

UltraFix is fast & easy to install , reducing install time and costs. It has high efficiency because it utilises the thermal mass of the screed to provide maximum output
If you choose carpet as your floor finish, make sure the combined TOG value of the carpet and underlay does not exceed 2.5 TOG.

Upper Floors

Most upper floors have a timber suspended floor for which we have a variety of solutions.


AD-Plate - Water

Adept Timber Heating Kits are all designed for a single zone, however can be adjusted with the use of any Adept or Heatmiser controls from within our store. Each Kit is designed to use 200mm centers using a 400mm width spreader plate. The Kits are designed to output 100w/m2.

From only £405.49 inc VAT


AD-Dry - Water

The AD-Dry system is designed to be installed on joisted floors. This solution uses pipe clips or rail to fix the pipe into the insulation between the joists and pour a dry mix screed to cover the pipe.

Please note: You need to make sure your joists can support 20kg per m2 for the dry screed.

Coming Soon

If you’re not on mainline gas then you really should consider one of our electric underfloor heating solutions. They are economical to run and the maintenance costs are practically zero.

Existing Floors

If your floor is existing and you can’t or don’t want to remove it, then AD-Slim system, which can be as thin as 18mm.


AD-Slim - Water

AD-Slim is the perfect solution for renovation projects, being only 18mm deep and able to have some floor finishes installed with no further layers.

From only £809.49 inc VAT