Wirsbo Actuators have now offical been discontinued, however Uponor Actuators will infact fit the old manifolds it's just a case of find which manifold you have and then following our simple guide below on how to find what actuator you will need.

If you've got the brass manifold the actuators which you need are: Uponor 24V for WGF Manifold with part number 1090264 or Uponor 230V with part number 1090265 (depends what voltage you need).

If you've got nickel plated manifold you will need the actuators for TM/LS manifold (1087763 – 230V, 1087778 – 24V).

You can purchase them by clicking the links below:

1090265 (Previous Part No. 1022244)

1087763 (Previous Part No. 1013006)

1087778 (Previous Part No. 1002053)

If you are not too sure which type of manifold you’ve got please take a photo of your manifold and email it to us, so we can help you with finding correct part.