UFH Manifold



Connect UFH pipes to the manifold.

To fit the pipe to the manifold, cut the pipe squarely using the pipe cutter. Re-round the pipe (always clockwise) with the bevelling/calibration tool, place the nut over the pipe, then the olive and finally push in the insert into the pipe.


Once this stage is complete push the pipe into adaptor fitting on the manifold (flow first) and then tighten the adaptor using an appropriate spanner.

Fill UFH Pipes.

The UFH System must be filled with water and fully vented of air.

Filling the loops:

Ensure the valves on fill/drain ports are open while filling the system.

Make sure both of the isolating ball valves on the main flow/return pipes to the manifold are closed. Close all UFH loop flow and return valves on the manifold.

Fit the hose to the lower manifold hose union and the other end of the hose to a suitable drain point.

Connect a hose to the upper manifold hose union and connect the other end of the hose to mains water tap.

Individual loops need to be purged of air. Ensure that all the white caps on the return manifold are closed (remove thermal actuators if fitted and replace with the white manual caps).


Open the first blue cap on the lower manifold, then open the corresponding topmeter on the upper manifold. To fully openthe topmeter, remove the black locking ring and turn the topmeter 3 full turns from the closed position. Turn on the water tap.


As the first loop fills with water, air will discharge through the hose to the drain. Once the air stops and there is a steadyflow of water, close both ports (white cap and flowmeter) and do the same for the next loop. Continue the process until all the loops are fully vented of all the air.

Close the valves on fill/drain ports, remove the hose union and put the end caps on.