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Should I choose an electric or water system?

Whether you chosse an electric or water underfloor heating system will depend on the particular requirements of your project.

1) Initial Cost

Most electric systems are lower cost to purchase and install, simply becuase there are less materials required and installation is quicker.

2) Running Cost

Currently the cost of mains gas is lower than electricity so a water underfloor heating system will cost less in energy costs.

3) Maintenance

Electric systems are generally maintenance free. Water systems should be checked regularily (just a you would with your boiler and conventional radiators) because there are a lot more moving parts.

4) Floor Height

Generally electric underfloor heating systems are a lot thinner than water systems, so if you have an existing floor that you don't want to remove then we would recommend using an Elektra Underfloor Heating mat or undertile cable.

5) Area to be heated

If you only require a small area to be heated then it can often be simplier and more cost effective to install an electric underfloor heating system.

6) Purpose of heating

Do you want the underfloor heating to provide total heat for a room or just a warm floor. Water underfloor heating systems are generally used for total heat solutions, but electric underfloor heating systems are often used for total heat or warm floor applications.