Manual Dial Thermostat with Air Sensor - White (16A)

Manual Dial Thermostat with Air Sensor - White (16A)

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The Adept Manual Dial Thermostat is ultra compact and provides precise control for Water Underfloor Heating Systems.

Full Specification
Manual Thermostat for Heating Systems

2No. fixing screws
1No. Installation Manual

2-pole safety power switch, On/off control output for heating device

Technical data
Voltage: AC100- 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 5W
Power load: 16A*
Limitation range: 25°c~55°c
Switching differential: ±1°c
Ambient temperature: -5~40°c
Protective housing: IP20
Housing material: Anti-flammable PC
Dimension: 86mm X 86mm X16mm flush mount
Certification: CE

* – The thermostat is rated at 16Amp but to ensure you get maximum life from the thermostat, we recommend that you use loads that do not exceed 12.8 Amps. The relay within the thermostat is rated in accordance with the requirements of EN 61810-1:2004 and EN60730-1 which are not representative of ‘real life’ applications but an arbitrary test method. The life cycle of the relay contacts within the thermostat are affected by the power loading.If the load does not exceed 12.8 Amps then the contact life is extended by more than double when compared with loads of 16 Amp.

Thermostat Type:
Manual Control