Is My Property Suitable For Warm Water Underfloor Heating?

Is My Property Suitable for Warm Water Underfloor Heating

Generally speaking most likely so. Very nearly all properties are suitable for Underfloor Heating. If the property is a new build the then insulation levels will meet the current Building Regulations and therefore underfloor heating will work perfectly fine.

If your property is older then it's advisable to add some insulation and try to be as close as possible to the current Building Regulations levels. This will enhance further the efficiency and benefit you derive for underfloor heating. If for some reason the insulation levels can't be increased to those levels, then it may be necessary to use closer pipe spacing so the underfloor heating will produce more heat to therefore compensate for any the heat losses through reduced insulation.

Uheat provides a number of systems and configurations that are suitable for different floor constructions and different scenarios within the house.