ELEKTRA Frost Protection is a must when preventing the build up of Snow & Ice.

Snow & Ice Protection Systems Prevent:

  • Snow and Ice build-up on roofs
  • Damage Caused by ice build-up in gutters and downpipes
  • Unsightly water damage on buildings
  • Icicle formation

Protecting roofs and their elements, heating cables with UV-Resistant outer sheath are needed:

  • ELEKTRA VCDR Heating Cables
  • ELEKTRA TuffTec Heating Cables
  • ELEKTRA SelfTec PRO20 self regulating cables.

If you have a frost protection project large or small please don't hesitate to contact us on 01394 384077 or alternatively email your project details to us at, we will be more than happy to prepare a quote for you.

Driveway Frost Protection


Frost Protection For Domestic Pipes


SnowTec Driveway Frost Protection System FreezeTec Frost Protection System

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