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Snow & Ice Prevention for Driveways

Heated Driveways

Heating your driveway will prevent Snow & Ice

ELEKTRA SnowTec Heating Mats are designed to heat up driveways, ramps, porches, etc. made of solid masonry materials.
They are very reliable and because there are no moving parts there is no need for any maintenance. They are the maintenance!

Once properly installed ELEKTRA SnowTec mats become invisible and will do the tough job of keeping your driveways and walkways safe and dry in the winter with no need for heavy manual labour and with no pollution to your immediate environment by de-icing chemicals or salt which will eventually eat up masonry surfaces.

ELEKTRA SnowTec & SnowTecTuff are both designed to create the ultimate Snow & Ice Prevention systems by heating the drive when necessary to prevent any Snow or Ice being able to settle on the driveway. ELEKTRA SnowTec Mats are designed to go under any concrete slab or stones, where as SnowTecTuff can be laid underneath any concrete slab or stones but also has the added benefit of Ashplat with makes it the ideal product for Car Parks and Business Roads.snowtec-tuffbuildup.png