How Underfloor Heating can Increase your Property Value

How Underfloor Heating can Increase your Property Value

Posted by Uheat Underfloor Heating on 13th Jul 2020

The benefits of Underfloor Heating is vast, but one main reason is the fact it can increase the value of your home.

Here are 5 reasons why:

Maximum Comfort:

Underfloor heating is considered an extravagance, and those who have experienced underfloor heating will understand why. There is nothing more pleasant than a warm floor underfoot, along with a pleasant even heat in your home.

More Space - No Exposed Radiators:

Underfloor heating is hidden away under the floors which means there are no heating elements or pipes exposed. Not only does this create more space in your home, but it makes your home more attractive, and allows you to decorate where radiators and pipes would otherwise be.


Underfloor heating adds appeal, instantly attracts people and is considered a luxury in the home. Having an efficient heating system generally can increase the value of your home.

Energy Saving:

When getting a quotation for underfloor heating, all things are considered when choosing the right system for your requirements. For instance, insulation and heat loss makes a big impact on what choice you have.

At Uheat, we go through all aspects of your home to make sure underfloor heating will run as efficiently as possible, which means there is a big potential for low energy bills. This in turn means your home will have a better EPC rating (energy performance certificate) which adds value to any home.

Polished Concrete Floors:

A material being used more and more for luxurious flooring is polished concrete. Polished concrete works brilliantly with underfloor heating systems, and is a fantastic heat conductor along with providing thermal mass. This means more efficient heating and longer-lasting heat to keep your house warm during the colder months.