Alltec Construction – Skoda West End Garage

It’s not every day we get to use our products in a building like this, so we were delighted when we were presented with the opportunity to help Alltec Construction complete Skoda’s new state of the art sales and servicing facility in Stirling, Scotland.


Our friends at Alltec Construction were instructed by Skoda to create a purpose-built modern facility to replace their outdated and obsolete existing premises.

Once it was decided that Underfloor Heating would be the main source of heat in the facility, Alltec Construction approached us to design and supply a highly efficient and cost-effective water underfloor solution, to keep Skoda’s customers and employees warm and comfortable all year-round.

It was by no means a straightforward design, with several factors to think about throughout the design/quote stage.


The solution was our UltraFix Clip and Rail system. Two 8-port, one 9-port, one 10-port and one 12-port manifolds were installed to supply water through 5,326m worth of 200mm WRAS approved Pert pipe across the whole facility. The new sales area is heated by 1985m of pipe whilst the state-of-the-art workshop is heated by over 2200m of pipe. Additional workshops and service areas are also solely heated by the system, which uses over 1000 grip rail clamp tracks to secure the pipe to the floor.


Bigger and more specialised industrial pumps (Wilo Stratos PARA) and industrial mixing valves were used to combat several factors, including higher flow rates, and heat loss.

65mm self-levelling liquid screed was poured, incorporating a minimum of 20mm of underfloor heating pipe which had to be fully secured and pressure tested prior to the pour.

Thanks to Alltec Construction for supplying the images and for their support throughout this fantastic project.

More information about the system used in this project can the found here