There are many benefits to having underfloor heating installed in your property. Not only will it allow you more control over the rooms that receive a certain amount of heat at particular hours of the day, but it will also provide you with direct, energy efficient heat whenever you require it.


With a programmable thermostat connected to the underfloor heating system, you can control both the temperature and time of operation just as you would with a regular central heating system. However, if it’s especially cold, you might want to leave the underfloor heating on all day long. Is it safe to do this? Here, we take a closer look at whether leaving the heating system on all day could damage your system.

The Benefits Of Leaving Your Heating On

 You can rest assured that leaving an underfloor heating system on all day long without causing any unwanted problems or damage to the system. In fact, when the weather is especially cold, it could even be a good idea to leave the system switched on.


It will encourage faster warming up times and better efficiency, so you’ll feel warmer for longer. As long as you opt for a well-built, properly installed, high-quality underfloor heating system, you can be confident of leaving the system switched on all day every day without any problems at all.

Can I Control My Underfloor Heating With A Thermostat?

Although it might be a good idea to leave your underfloor heating system switched on all day long during the colder months, it will probably be a better idea to have a thermostat in place to control your heating the rest of the time.


You can maximise the effect of your electric underfloor system by opting for two “On” times and two “Off” times with a setback temperature around 4 degrees Celsius lower than your ideal comfort temperature. This will ensure your room temperature doesn’t drop too low so your room will heat more rapidly back to your comfort level when necessary.


You should switch the heating system on a couple of hours before using the room to ensure the best comfort. This can easily be achieved with a programmable thermostat. Simply set the “On” time for a couple of hours before you get up or arrive home from work and you’ll experience complete cosiness whenever you’re at home.

Using A Smart Thermostat

One option to maximise your heating efficiency and to ensure your complete comfort at all times while also reducing your energy bills is to opt for a smart thermostat to control your electric underfloor heating system. A smart thermostat allows you to control your heating no matter where you may be through your smartphone so you can easily turn your heating on from your work desk, from the bus or even while you’re away on holiday if you hear about an unexpected icy spell on the news and want to be sure that your home won’t get too cold in your absence.


Find out more about how a smart thermostat can control your underfloor heating system, and view are full range today.