1) Is there any display on the thermostat? Yes Go to 4)
No Go to 2)


2) Has the RCD Tripped? Yes Reset RCD
No Go to 3)


3) Is there voltage at the thermostat? Yes Go to 10)
No Check Power Supply


4) Is there a fault code on the thermostat? Yes Consult Manual
No Go to 5)


5) Set the thermostat to manual & increase temp to 30oC.
Does the heating come on?
Yes Go to 6)
No Go to 7)


6) Does the floor get warm? (Please allow up to 12 hours for this to happen) Yes Go to 9)
No Go to 11)


7) Check the resistance of the floor sensor. Does it match the readings in the manual? Yes Go to 8)
No Go to 10)


8) Is the floor sensor positioned corrected and inside a conduit? (as advised in the manual) Yes Go to 9)
No Go to 5)


9) Temperature and program settings on the thermostat need to be adjusted


10) Please complete Uheat returns form, so the thermostat can be returned to us for testing / replace / repair


11) Check resistance & insulation resistance of the heating and report results to Uheat here