Electric Dial Thermostat - Air Only - Digital Display

Electric Dial Thermostat - Air Only - Digital Display

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The Heatmiser DS1-EL is our electronic dial thermostat incorporating an LCD display. The DS1-EL has been designed specifically for electric floor heating. In normal operation, the actual room temperature is displayed on the LCD, rotating the dial will display the set temperature for 5 seconds. 3 modes of operation are available on this model and a 3 meter remote floor probe is supplied. 

Separate the front part of the thermostat by unscrewing securing screws on the bottom face of the thermostat.
Mark 2 hole positions on the wall using the backplate as a positioning template. Drill at the marked positions and insert a wall plug in to each hole. 
Terminate the thermostat as per wiring diagram and screw the DS1-E back plate to the back box.
Reconnect the thermostat front plate and insert the securing screws.

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