EkoBoard XPS Floor Insulation Boards - 600 x 400mm

EkoBoard XPS Floor Insulation Boards - 600 x 400mm

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Due to the smooth skin and unrivalled set of properties, EkoBOARD Insulation Boards are the perfect choice for a wide range of demanding insulation applications:

  • Low Thermal Conductivity – minimising the board thickness needed to achieve a specific U-value, thus allowing the designer greater flexibility.
  • High Compression Strength – in load-bearing applications, the closed cell structure gives the foam great rigidity and makes it highly resistant to compression.
  • Low Water Absorption – EkoBOARD has a natural resistance to water vapour & water absorption which makes it an exceptionally stable material. This means it retains its initial insulation performance and physical integrity over a long period of time.
  • Workability – EkoBOARD is easily worked with normal hand tools.
  • Hygiene – EkoBOARD has low susceptibility to rot, which means mould or fungal growth is therefore minimised. They are clean, odourless and free from irritating dust.


Board Measurements:
600 x 400

What will EkoBoard do for you?

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Improve the performance of your hearing
  • Feel the warmth faster

Why use EkoBoard?

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Safe
  • Thin
  • Suitable for use with Concrete

EkoBOARD is manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality Assurance System (BSI Certificate Q05968).

EkoBOARD complies with BS EN 13164: 2001 Thermal Insulation products for buildings.

Meeting environmental standards.

Concern about ozone depletion in the stratosphere has led to international agreements to phase out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

EkoBOARD is hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) free and complies with the requirements of EC Regulation No 2037/2000 (1 Oct 2000) on substances which deplete the ozone layer.

Board Size:
600 x 400mm
Insulation Type:
XPS Insulation Board