Adey Central Heating and Underfloor Heating Maintenance Solutions

Explore our selection of Adey heating solutions, a collection designed to enhance the efficiency of your home's heating system while reducing your energy bills.
Adey is a globally recognized brand, celebrated for its pioneering water treatment solutions. Since 2003, Adey has been dedicated to safeguarding residential and commercial heating systems from the leading cause of inefficiency and breakdown - poor water quality.
Our Adey product range includes an assortment of award-winning filters, chemicals, and water testing solutions. These products, trusted by heating engineers worldwide, are designed to shield your heating system from boiler breakdown, decrease carbon emissions, and ultimately, reduce energy bills.
Among our best-selling Adey products are the MagnaClean Filters. These filters are a testament to Adey's commitment to innovation in the heating sector, capturing both magnetic and non-magnetic debris, as well as biological films.
We also feature the MC1+ Central Heating Protector in our Adey range. This high-performance corrosion and scale inhibitor is a key component in extending the life of your central heating system and preventing unexpected boiler breakdowns.
For those interested in assessing their water quality, the Adey ProCheck Test Kit is a revolutionary product offering instant lab-style reporting and interpretation.
At Uheat, we trust in the power of Adey's eco-friendly heating solutions to enhance the performance of your heating and cooling systems, extend the life of your boiler, and reduce your energy bills. Discover our Adey range today and learn how you can make your heating system more efficient and environmentally friendly.