140W/m² Elektra WoodTec1 Under Wood and Laminate Floor Heating Mat - (Clearance Stock)

140W/m² Elektra WoodTec1 Under Wood and Laminate Floor Heating Mat - (Clearance Stock)

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The ELEKTRA WoodTec™ heating mats are produced as pre-assembled installation sets. There are heating cables attached to a fiberglass mesh and covered with aluminium foil on the reverse side. The aluminium foil provides a protective shielding for the heating cables. It is possible to install multiple mats in one room. In such a case, the mats should be electrically connected in parallel.

The ELEKTRA WoodTec1™ heating mats are 1.5mm thick and have 4.0m cold tails at both ends.

Please Note - The heating core needs to be laid in a loop back to the thermostat - You will also need to use 6mm Insulating Underlay with this heating system. This can be found here: Click Here

About Elektra Heat Mats:

  • Manufactured in Europe complying with ISO 9001 using the highest quality raw materials, in accordance with IEC EN 60335-2-96. Elektra electric underfloor heating mats have gained many approvals around the world, including the German VDE - probably the highest standard in Europe.
  • CE Certified
  • Lifetime Guarantee is available for Elektra Underfloor heating mats and UK based technical support for the installation / operating of the underfloor heating is provided by our experienced & qualified technicians.


  • It is essential that a 6mm XPS insulating underlay, such as Izotherm, is used under the WoodTec heating mats.
  • Your laminate or engineered wood flooring can be laid directly on to the WoodTec system without the need for any other underlay. 


WoodTec Manual (Reference WoodTec1)


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