Elektra MD Heating Mats


Power Output: 100, 160 or 200 W/m2 (200W/m2 applicable in the UK only)
Power Supply:

230V ~ 50/60 Hz

Mat thickness: ~3.9mm
Min. Installation Temperature: -5oC
Max. Working Temperature: +110oC
Conduit Cables: 1 x 4m; 3 x 1.00mm2
Type Of Heating Cable: double-core of diameter ~ 3.4mm, conductor screen, single side power supply
Power Output Of Heating Cable: ~ 7 W/m (MD100) ~ 10 W/m (MD160) ~ 12 W/m (MD200)
Insulation: double layer, FEP (Teflon) + XLPE
Outer Sheath: XLPE
Rated Power Output Tolerance: +5%, -10%
Min. Radius Of Bending Cable: 5 D
Protection: IPX7
Product Certificates: VDE, GOST-R
Certificate Of ISO 9001: IQNET, PCBC
Product Mark: CE



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