Nylon pipe clips for manual fixing of underfloor heating pipe.

Part No.  ø 
PCLIP50  49mm  20mm 
PCLIP60  66mm  18mm 
Tacker Clips

Nylon pipe clips for use with a tacker gun.
Part No.  ø 
PTCLIP40  41mm  22mm  20mm 
PTCLIP50  52mm  32mm  18mm 
PTCLIP60  57mm  39mm  20mm 
Screw Clips

Provides extra strong hold on pipes that try to sit up from insulation Particularly useful for bends.
Grip Rail/Clamp Track

1 metre Grip Rail/Clamp Track self adhesive suitable for pipes 16mm-23mm.
Joist Hangers

Joist Hanger clip for 15/16mm Pipe.

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