Essentials Dual Fuel Standard Element DE75

Essentials Dual Fuel Standard Element DE75

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There are two options for electrically heating towel warmers, Electric only and Dual Fuel Kits.

For Electric only heating elements the Towel Warmer of your choice is filled with a special heating solution and the Electric Heating Element is then factory fitted and sealed. The wattage of the element is matched according to the size of the towel warmer.

Dual Fuel Kits are for use on a standard wet central heating system. The electric element can then be used to heat the towel warmer when your central heating is turned off, for example during the Summer months.

  • Connected to your wet central heating system
  • Perfect for use with a Digital Wall Controller
  • Element is non-adjustable (unless used with a Digital Wall Controller)
  • IP55 Rated (suitable for installation into IEE Zone 1, 2 or 3)
  • Thermal cut out should the element become too hot

Dual Fuel Standard Heating Elements are available in four wattage options and are matched according to the size of the towel warmer

  • DE75  - 75W
  • DE150 - 150W
  • DE300 - 300W
  • DE600 - 600W


  • Valve centers will alter when using a dual fuel element. Please view image for dimensions.
  • Please take note of the Summer element wattage required by your choice of Towel Warmer and Radiator to ensure the correct wattage rated element is ordered


When an electrical element is used to heat a towel warmer or radiator you will not get identical performance as you would connected to a central heating system as there is no circulation of liquid and it will therefore take longer to heat up and will be noticeably hotter near the element. After 1 to 2 hours of continuous use the heat would have spread but there will still be temperature variances across the surface. This is not a fault.

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Size Dimension:
78 x 75 x 50mm (H x W x D)